Suzanne 60 Second Interview November 2020

How long have you worked for County?
I’ve just completed 20 years on 13th November. I’ve seen many changes over that period of time.

What’s your job role at County?
I’m office manager and personal department manager. As office manager I oversee the general running of the office and HR. With my other hat I oversee the personal insurance requirements of clients from private car, travel, commercial vehicles and more.

Do you specialise in or enjoy any particular insurance?
I enjoy it all! I really like the interaction with customers and providing a good service alongside working with a great team of people.

What difference can you make to clients who use County?
I like to think I give a very personal service to all our clients.

What is the next big issue in insurance?
The effect that the recent pandemic will have had on the travel insurance world. The impact on premiums and cover will be felt for a few years, especially so on world travel.

What’s the next thing on your list to do?
To firm up a telephone quote just provided to a client in writing.

Where do you call home?
Oxfordshire. I’ve lived in the area all my life.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to travel and explore countries which has been difficult in the last few months. It’s very unusual for me to have not been abroad by now.
Love spending some quality time with my daughter. Lockdown has also encouraged me to do much more walking which can only be good for me although after 7 miles it doesn’t always feel like it!!

Any pets or pet peeves?
No pets. Pet peeve would have to be a neighbour’s dog that barks at the weekend when I just want to enjoy my down time!

Favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere that is warm, sunny and with culture. I am partial to a good G&T so anywhere that can make those well is at the top of the list!