Rural Protect Directors & Officers insurance

Secure your farm with Rural Protect liability insurance

Protection for your entire workforce

Specialist legal support with no chance of success clause

Positive public relations costs after negative media claims

Insurance for loss from fraud & forgery

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Ensure the safety of your farm operations with Rural Protect liability insurance, designed specifically for farms and rural businesses.

This policy protects business partners, directors and employees where they have failed, or alleged to, in their ongoing regulatory duties and more.

What is covered?
  • Investigations and prosecutions cover
  • Action cover (individuals and businesses)
  • Civil and criminal action cover
  • Status tribunal costs and awards cover
  • Legal defense fees cover
  • Employee theft cover up to £100,000
  • Cyber liability coverage
  • Pursuit cover
  • Rent arbitration dispute cover
  • Single farm payment appeals cover
  • HSE Fee for intervention costs cover

Rradar, a leading law firm, offers unlimited free legal support to Rural Protect customers. The services include legally privileged advice and guidance, ongoing representation, 24/7 crisis call-out service, face-to-face contact with specialist legal advisors, and support on a wide range of legal and regulatory issues including human resources, health and safety, waste and environmental regulations, taxation, and more.

Rradar’s multidisciplinary team of solicitors and barristers provides comprehensive assistance, representation, and crisis management, guaranteeing a legally privileged service for any legal matter that may arise.

Our rural protect policy protects directors, partners, and employees while securing financial stability and protecting against legal action, loss of money, and negative publicity. A valuable investment in the success of any rural business.

Oliver Burns, Sales Director

Protection for your entire workforce

Our policy protects all levels of your business from directors and business partners to your employees, providing cover where they have failed in their regular duties.

Specialist legal support

We will provide you with access to specialist legal experts and template forms, helping you navigate legal challenges with confidence and ease.

Coverage for your reputation

We understand the value of a positive reputation. That’s why we offer coverage for positive public relations costs in the event your business suffers negative media as a result of a claim, helping you maintain a positive image and secure your success.

Insurance for loss from fraud & forgery

Dedicated to safeguarding your financial stability. Our comprehensive coverage protects you against losses resulting from fraud, deception, or forgery, giving your business the security it needs to thrive.

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