Sat Nav Nabbers –

Make sure you are covered
Following a recent increase in thefts of satellite navigation equipment, County are urging all of their farmers to check they have adequate cover on their prize possessions.

With vehicle crime an ever present topic in the farming press, recent stories have shown it’s not just tractors or ATVs that criminals are after. Valuable satellite navigation and steering equipment can be more easily traded on the black market and make for easy profits.

Receivers held within the domes on top of tractors, though vulnerable, can be protected. Extra pin protections or locks can be installed. You should also consider keeping vehicles inside (locked) buildings and removing detachable items of Satellite Navigation Equipment from machines, when un-attended, where possible.

Tim Sydenham, Director at County, said: “We urge farmers to review their insurance, to ensure that you have adequate cover, either on your farm combined or agricultural vehicle policy,for these valuable and complex items. If any components of your system are easily removed, then you should look to specify the items under the Business All Risks section of your farm policy”.

If you’re in any doubt about the coverage on your policy for these systems, please call your Farm Executive, who will be pleased to advise you.

Sat Nav Nabbers – Make sure you are covered