Private Medical Insurance;

Keeping the best assets protected
County Insurance Services Ltd have recently collaborated with two private medical insurers to offer clients access to bespoke private health insurance.

Thirza Morris, County’s Champion in Private Medical Insurance (PMI), has recently completed training to support County’s delivery of our PMI offering.

Partnering with AXA, the second largest PMI insurer, and Aviva, the third largest, County will be able to help clients with outpatient cover, dentistry, holistic therapy and more. Both insurers offer mobile apps that give policyholders access to directly to a GP via video call and claim management.

On overseeing the new scheme, Thirza said: “A Private Medical scheme can really add value to employee relations and protect those who matter most in your business – the staff.”

She added: “We’d be delighted to see if we can help you personally or your employee PMI scheme for businesses with 2 or more workers requiring private health.”

AXA have announced that from Tuesday 7th May to Friday 24th May, if a client takes out an Individual plan with them, they will receive a £100 M&S gift card, in addition to a free Realise Health Assessment Plus currently being offered on the Personal Health Plan. To learn more about this offer and how it works please contact Thirza on 01865 290957

Credit: Aviva