Ecodesign Compliance for Solid Fuel Stoves

From 1st Jan 2022, anyone with a woodburning stove or solid fuel appliance needs to get it tested for seasonal efficiency and emissions.
Mel Quainton of our Household Schemes gives an overview of the new requirements and what our clients can do to be compliant

Many of our clients have woodburners or solid fuel stoves. The fuel needed to heat the appliances used by clients are mainly coal and wood which can be some of the most harmful to the environment. With over two million solid fuel appliances across the UK, the government are keen to get these homeowners using cleaner and more efficient fuels.

From 1 January 2022, as part of the Ecodesign regulations the UK adopted post Brexit, all solid fuel burning appliances need to have a tes to demonstrate they meet Ecodesign limits for seasonal efficiency and emissions.

An example would be a closed wood-burning appliance, which will need to meet a 65% seasonal efficiency mark. This appliance will also need to me additional caps on emmisions for carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and more.

To help consumers and industry workers recognise compliant stoves and appliances, there is a nationally recognised “Ecodesign Ready” mark. This shows the stoves have met testing to comply with these new regulations. While the rules could change for the future and the emissions limits could become more stringent, they will at least meet today’s standards.


In an article for their members, Bruce Allen, chief executive of HETAS, wrote:

“As HETAS assists the industry in preparing for full compliance of stoves in less than two years’ time, we have reviewed and further developed the HETAS Approved appliance scheme and launched the first full Ecodesign Compliant appliance scheme for independent boilers adding stoves, stove/boilers, and fireplaces soon after. We believe that having appliances assessed by an independent and impartial third-party verification scheme is fundamental in giving installers and homeowners confidence in choosing a fully Ecodesign compliant stove. It is also a trusted mark of approval for product manufacturers.

As we move towards full compliance for boilers and stoves, we recognise that consumers, installers, manufacturers, retailers, specifiers, and local authorities need to be kept up to date with the latest developments.”

If you’re in doubt about compliance then it’s best to seek advice from your HETAS registered tradesman. For any insurance related questions as a result please do get in touch with us.

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