Director of Compliance

We’re pleased to announce we’ve recently appointed Kirk Ford as our Director of Compliance.

Kirk Ford joins County Insurance Services Limited, with a wealth of experience and knowledge on compliance matters having previously been Head of Consultancy at RWA.

Kirk Ford

On joining the family run, independent insurance broker, Tim Sydenham, Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to have Kirk on board at County, as Director of Compliance. Having known Kirk for a good number of years, we are looking forward to the wisdom, commitment and passion he will bring to our company.”

He added: “Kirk’s subject matter expertise will be invaluable in developing our compliance policies, further enhancing our regulatory compliance framework, this will allow us to remain at the forefront of industry leading practices and enable us to better serve our clients.”

In his spare time Kirk is also a personal trainer with a clientele that includes high profile individuals.

With regard to training and compliance Kirk said “There are many shared disciplines when it comes to my passions of compliance and competitive training. Persistently challenging ourselves to maintain a good form and deliver results could be said of an athlete or a well-rounded insurance brokerage!”