County Insurance hitting the headlines in Insurance Age

A recent report published by Insurance Age has studied the UK schemes market and banded them by gross written premium (GWP), County Insurance Limited are listed in the 9th Band £1 million – £4.9 million.

Malcolm Sydenham, Director of County Insurance says in the report; “The success of our residential thatch scheme didn’t happen over night. We have listened to our target market and have adapted to their needs. We have the experience, knowledge, expertise & excellent broker support to maintain steady growth and compete in a growing market.”

Excerpt taken from the report: A way forward What can brokers start to do now to ensure they are among the fittest to survive the insurance evolution?

  • Be customer-centric: understand exactly what consumers want and how they want to interact with you then align your products and service processes to deliver this.
  • Select the right insurance provider: one that can not only offer a product, but value enhancing services – marketing, compliance and technology platforms – which enable you to create the great experience your consumers demand.
  • Find new ways to add value: convenience is as important as price for many people.
  • Get personal: introduce personalisation into your services and products to make consumers feel they are unique and special.
  • Take a lead from other industries: pick up on best practice wherever you see it and use it to gain a competitive edge.
  • Think like an innovator: why does a consumer need to buy a household policy, and a motor policy, and a GAP policy, and travel policy, and a pet policy? Shouldn’t the consumer be able to access one cover that is tailored to them with one premium for all their needs?

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